Beyond Curry You Know: Gavthi, or Indian Village Chicken Curry

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In this second part of a series on authentic Indian curry, we'll be preparing Gavthi chicken curry, or village chicken curry made in the hamlets along the west coast of India (the Konkan region). This belt is home to plump cashew nuts, luscious Alphonso mangoes and plentiful seafood. Spices and chilies dominate the cuisine of this region and ironically it is their heat that cools the body in the sweltering Konkan summer.

Occasionally, the fish in this region heave a bubbly sigh of relief as the aroma of chicken curry fills the air. The chicken used here is not plump and fleshy, but a bit on the leaner side. These are birds that roam free in the villages, chasing insects and running around. It's the bony nature of the bird that imparts a rich, gamy flavor to the curry.

Laced with spice and served with copious quantities of gravy, this dish is best enjoyed over fluffy white rice or with light bhakris (rice bread) that soak up the delicious scarlet concoction.

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