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I've been a master of the latke for many years (thanks Mom!). While I've spent all my time frying potatoes to golden, crisp patties, that all-important side of applesauce had never gotten much more attention than being scooped out of jar.

This year will be different. I've been trying and adjusting a few different applesauce recipes to arrive at something that can proudly sit next to my latkes.

Although applesauce has a fairly standard recipe base, there's a lot about this one I really like, starting with a mix of Fuji and Golden Delicious apples. Both provide a nice sweetness, but while the Golden Delicious break down quickly and become saucy, the Fujis retain a slight firmness that gives the applesauce a great texture after being mashed.

Add to that just enough lemon juice to brighten the flavor, a cinnamon stick that imparts a faint spice, and only enough brown sugar to give it a sweetness without veering into overly savory-sweet territory.

All combined, this is a "standard" applesauce that has some standout features. It will take your latkes to great new heights.

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