Grilling: Herb-Crusted Standing Rib Roast


Nothing like a holiday as an excuse to roast a gigantic chunk of beef!

This year I must have been especially good because Pat LaFrieda so kindly provided a full 7-bone standing rib roast, cut into two pieces to let me test different recipes.

There was no question I would take these to the grill, where I did one with a simple salt and pepper coating and reverse-seared, while the other was seared then slathered with mustard and given a mixed herb coating.

Both were fantastic, but me and my meaty minions who helped devour this enormous amount of beef were all in agreement: the herb-crusted version is really something special, truly fit for a holiday dinner.

The herb crust had an insane amount of flavor that was strong enough to hold up to the intense beefiness of the medium-rare meat—best was when you got both together in one explosive bite.

No matter what holiday you're celebrating this season, having a rib roast on your table will make it an extra special celebration.

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