Dinner Tonight: Red Enchiladas With Queso Añejo


[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

I love enchiladas, but I just don't always have the best luck cooking them at home. I usually steer clear of any recipes that advise me to turn on the oven, as I'm often left with nothing but a soggy mess by the end. But from the moment I saw this recipe in Saveur, I knew all would be well. First off, the recipe skipped the oven, and instead called for each tortilla to be fried, then dipped in a red chile sauce. Second, the sauce looked utterly amazing.

Made with New Mexico chiles, Mexican chocolate, oregano, cinnamon, clove, garlic, and saltines, it is rich, red, and dark. It will make anything taste better. It's so good, only a little añejo cheese and chopped onion are used as the filling, so the sauce can really shine. This might seem like too much of a bare bones recipe, but it is surprisingly filling and satisfying.

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