Dinner Tonight: Homesick Texan's Migas


I go through a fair number of corn tortillas; you'd think Iwould attempt migas more often. When I found myself with a truly inordinate number of tortillas last week, it was finally time to make this Tex-Mex specialty of fried corn tortilla strips and eggs.

This barebones recipe from the Homesick Texan is an excellent place to start. Author Lisa Fain recommends all kinds of additions once you get the technique down.

The tortillas are cut into strips, then fried in a little oil. Once some diced onion and jalapeño are cooked, the strips are added back to the pan, along with whisked eggs and half-and-half. When the eggs set, a big handful of cheese is sprinkled on. It melts, while also crisping up on the sides, and pulling the whole dish together. Cilantro is a nice garnish, and salsa is absolutely essential. Also, refried beans help make this a full meal.

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