Cook the Book: 'Kosher Revolution'

20121218-184277-kosher-revolution.jpgThis week we're gearing up for Hanukkah with Kosher Revolution, a new cookbook from Geila Hocherman and Arthur Boehm that offers a welcome and refreshing take on the traditions of kosher cooking.

One look at the plate of grilled figs and prosciutto on the cover of Kosher Revolution and you just know that this isn't your bubbe's kosher cookbook. Wait, prosciutto? Well, that's duck prosciutto, just one of the innovative creations that Hocherman and Boehm have created for their updated take on cooking by the rules of kashrut.

It's an exciting book, one that sets out to prove that brisket and chicken soup can live in harmony with ceviche and French macarons in the modern kosher kitchen. Oh, and if you're still unsure about what to wrap up for your kosher cooking friends for Hanukkah, you can't really go wrong with Kosher Revolution.

This week we're cooking up a Hanukkah menu from Kosher Revolution that combines kosher ingredients with updated techniques, making for a truly memorable holiday meal. We'll be kicking off the week with a new look at the deli classic, chopped liver reborn into Chicken Liver Crostini followed by a dose of the old Jewish penicillin with Kosher Revolution's Be-All, End-All Chicken Soup complete with Onion-Stuffed Knaidlach i.e. matzoh balls, and serving up Middle Eastern inspired Zucchini Cakes with Tahini Sauce that are going to be standing in for our latkes.

Win 'Kosher Revolution'

Thanks to the generous folks over at Kyle Books, we are giving away five (5) copies of Kosher Revolution this week.

All you have to do is tell us about your favorite Jewish dish in the comments section below.