Burger King's New French Fries: Thicker, Less Salty


It was just a week ago we were ordering fries at Burger King (well, it was part of a Chicken Fries value meal—yes, fries with fries) but since then, they've changed their fry-style nationwide. Now when you order fries at BK, they come out thicker (a bit thicker than soda straws) and less salty.

According to the New York Daily News, they cut the sodium (there's still 330 mg in the small fries) and the fries have a coating that keeps them hot and crispy.

"They do stay warmer longer," said the guy at our local BK on Canal Street, clearly proud of the chain's fry makeover. Well, they didn't stay warm long enough to survive the ten-minute walk back to the office. They arrived pretty room-temp but even then you could tell they had thicker, creamier potato-y insides. They aren't steak-cut-thick or anything but each one's about two or three times the size of a slender McDonald's fry.

Part of what makes the McD's fries so good though is their salt content, and these are really lacking in that department. Of course you could shake some on yourself but then you'd have to remember to pick up salt packets and it can be hard to evenly distribute it sans that big fry basket.

Have you tried the new Burger King fries yet? Notice much of a difference? Do you have a favorite fast-food fry?