Bread Baking: Not Your Abuelita's Tortillas


Growing up, I never ate Mexican food. And I mean never. We never even had fake Mexican taco nights like other kids.

The first Mexican food I had was on a date. The relationship didn't last, but I fell in love with the food.

At first it was all about going out to eat it at taco stands, restaurants, little hole-in-the-wall joints, and even some local chains. Later, I became interested in cooking Mexican food. But since tortillas were so easy to buy, they were the last things I ever thought about making.

Recently, I bought some tortillas that were a hybrid of corn and wheat. Sure, they weren't any bit authentic but I liked them. I decided to try making something like them. These have good corn flavor with a more flour tortilla-like texture.

The best part though is they are easy to roll out.

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