San Francisco: 7 Turkey Sandwiches We Love

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Tips and tricks for making the best sandwiches at home.

How many turkey sandwiches would you say are eaten each day across this great country of ours? I would bet it's about a billion. This is the classic lunchtime sandwich. And do we really have to wait a whole year before another Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich?

No, no you don't. From deli sandwiches piled high with sliced turkey breast to trumped up incarnations of Thanksgiving on a bun, there's a sandwich for every turkey mood on this list.

As cities go, San Francisco is no stranger to the turkey sandwich. It seems like every sandwich shop between the Mission and the Marina has at least one or two variations to offer. With this onslaught of options, it can be difficult to know which ones stand out from the crowd or how to avoid the disappointment of a dry or slimy pile of turkey. But fret no more, because here are 7 turkey sandwiches we love in San Francisco.

7 Lovable Turkey Sandwiches in San Francisco

Sand Box Club at Backyard Kitchen »
The Turkey Delight at Petite Deli »
Turkey Sandwich at Blue Barn Gourmet »
Going Home For Thanksgiving at Ike's Place »
The Pepper Mill at The Boy's Deli »
The Turkey Club at Le Petit's Kitchen »
Turkey and Egg at Giordano Bros. »

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