Video: Pat LaFrieda Answers Your Meat Questions


[Videography: Jessica Leibowitz]

A couple weeks back we asked you folks in the SE community to tell us all of your meat and butchery questions for Mark Pastore of Pat LaFrieda Meats to answer.

Well, unfortunately Mark had to cancel at the last moment, but good news: Pat LaFrieda himself stepped in to answer all of them. Not only that, but he agreed to do a few butchering demos for us as well.

Check out all the videos below for the answers, then tell us: who would you like to ask your questions to next?

How to Bone out a Bone-In Ribeye

How to Order Lamb at the Butcher's

How to Prepare Bone Marrow

How to Select Brisket

Pat's Favorite Burger-Meat Ratio

Dry-Aging at Home

Online Shopping