11 Food and Drink Trends of 2011

After all the eating and drinking we've done this year, we've picked up on some reoccurring food and drink themes and concepts. For one thing, when did kale get so hot? (How many years can you say, "kale, so hot right now.") And meatballs? Can you go into a bakery anymore without seeing frilly French macarons on display?

Herewith 11 trends we've noticed this year. Please share others you've been spotting and predictions for what will be all the rage in 2012.

Meatballs »
All-Sandwich Shops »
Barrel-aged Everything »
Beer Candy »
Regional Burger Expansion »
Amaro and Vermouth »
Food Trucks Go Brick and Mortar »
Juice Cleanses »
Kale »
French Macarons »
Artisanal Jewish Deli Food? »