Video: Serious Eats Bikes Brooklyn and Queens for Tacos (and Some Non-Taco Detours)




Tips and tricks for making the best sandwiches at home.

On a recent Sunday, five of us serious eaters fastened our helmets and hopped on our bikes to join the Tour de Taco ride organized by Brooklyn by Bike. Ed, Kenji, Jessica, Andrew and myself didn't entirely know what we were getting ourselves into but we blocked off the whole day for 26 miles of tacos and, this wouldn't be Serious Eats without some other surprises.

Like a pastrami sandwich from Ben's Best Deli and a kugelhopf and cabbage strudel from Andre's Hungarian Bakery on Queens Boulevard. Whoops? Less than an hour into the tour we had already peeled off from the rest of the group to create our own route.

Watch the video to ride along with us!

Video: Tour de Taco (and Pastrami and Pastries)

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