29 Touristy Spots in America That Are Actually Good

Serious eaters share one thing in common: we all deal with tourist-trapaphobia when traveling. This condition is characterized by a mistrust of overly hyped, predictable restaurant suggestions, a skepticism of any eating establishment in which overly fanny-packed crowds gather, and a natural inclination to uncover the hidden gems instead.

So, we've done much of the risky work here for you, and we're happy to report that some guidebook go-tos are worth braving the lines, the tourists, and even the fanny packs. Here are some tried and true tourist destinations that are actually worth your time. How about you—what tourist spots have pleasantly surprised you?

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Hot Doug's (Chicago) »
Shake Shack (NYC) »
Leon's or Kopp's Frozen Custard (Milwaukee) »
Peter Luger (NYC) »
Cafe du Monde (New Orleans) »
Neptune Oyster Bar (Boston) »
Tartine (San Francisco) »
Puka Dog (Hawaii) »
Al's #1 Italian Beef (Chicago) »
Langer's Deli (Los Angeles) »
Graeter's (Cincinnati) »
Prince's Hot Chicken Shack (Nashville) »
In-N-Out »
Pike Place Market (Seattle) »
Arthur Bryant's Barbeque (Kansas City, MO) »
Primanti's (Pittsburgh) »
Layfayette Coney Island (Detroit) »
Katz's Delicatessen (NYC) »
Kruez's Market (Lockhart, TX) »
Pink's Hot Dogs (Los Angeles) »
Ferry Plaza (San Francisco) »
Zingerman's Delicatessen (Ann Arbor) »
Frank Pepe Pizzeria (New Haven) »
Tomasita's (Santa Fe) »
Clam Box (Ipswich, MA) »
Drago's (New Orleans) »
Pamela's (Pittsburgh) »
Ben's Chili Bowl (Washington D.C.) »
Ted Drewes (St. Louis) »