Thanksgiving: What's Your Stuffing Approach?


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It can be a very personal question. Do you use a boxed mix? Stovetop? Semi-homemade? Totally from scratch? Dry out the bread overnight first? And where do you fall in the dressing vs. stuffing debate? To clarify, "stuffing" is when it actually cooks in the bird's cavity while "dressing" bakes in a separate pan.

If you ask Alton Brown, he'll say "stuffing is evil." That's because stuffing is extremely porous and as the turkey around it cooks, juices that may contain salmonella soak into the stuffing. To be safe, you have to cook the stuffing to a minimum of 165°F, which can dry out the turkey. But there are plenty of people who'd argue, and fervidly so, that "stuffing" allows the bread cubes to soak up all those savory, turkeytastic juices, which "dressing" just can't achieve.

We're organizing a boxed "stuffing" taste test (though we'll be cooking them "dressing"-style—ah, semantics!) for those who go that route. Ain't no shame, right? Do you have a favorite brand?