Got a Holiday Meat Question? Ask Mark Pastore of Pat LaFrieda Meats


We've already presented you with our complete guides to buying, storing, and cooking Prime Rib, Holiday Hams, and Leg of Lamb, but we're sure that you've still got tons of questions to ask.

Well we've teamed up with Mark Pastore of Pat LaFrieda meats, one of the biggest names in the business to answer any questions you might have about holiday roasts, or about the LaFrieda business in general.

Just leave your questions in the comments below and we'll pick a half dozen or so of our favorites. Next week, we'll be back with video responses and demos from Mark Pastore himself to get you the answers you need.

This is a guy who habitually stores a half million dollars worth of beef in his aging room. He knows a thing or two about meat, so let the questions fly.

By the way, LaFrieda recently launched their home delivery online store, which means that you no longer have to head out to the restaurants to get a taste of their amazing meat.