Cook the Book: 'Home Cooking with Jean-Georges'

20111113-179290-home-cooking-with-jean-georges.jpgMost of us take our weekends for granted, but it's a luxury rarely seen in the restaurant industry. This lack of a "regular" weekend doesn't just apply to the low men on the totem pole; it's everyone, including big-name chefs like Jean-Georges Vongerichten. One might imagine Jean-Georges—a man credited for singlehandedly reinventing haute French cuisine who has a international restaurant empire and more Michelin and New York Times stars than we can count—would be able to spend the weekend taking it easy, and that's exactly what he decided to do a just a few years ago.

Home Cooking with Jean-Georges gives us a peek into weekends at the Vongerichten's in upstate New York. While the dishes in Home Cooking with Jean-Georges are far from the delicately plated beauties served in his restaurants, there are elements in each of the recipes that read Jean-Georges through and through. It's the vibrantly fresh vegetables, bright notes of citrus, and smart, subtle Asian accents that make their way into each recipe that lend a sort of light-handed elegance.

On the menu this week from Home Cooking with Jean-Georges are crisp Crab Toasts with Sriracha Mayonnaise, a salad of Carrot and Avocado with Crunchy Seeds, and warm Soy-Braised Lamb Shanks, all recipe that bring a bit of welcome lightness into the late fall-early winter kitchen.

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