10 DIY Food-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas


[Photograph: Tovah Moss, friend of SE]

Halloween is a very important holiday for many serious candy freaks, but why stop at candy when there are plenty of creative food costumes out there. We're sharing a few new ideas and some old classics for food-inspired, homemade Halloween wear. Some of these came straight from you, the SE community!

Are you planning a food- or drink-themed Halloween costume this year?

1. USDA My Plate


[Photograph: United States Department of Agriculture]

Grab some white poster board and construction paper and construct a replica of the food pyramid's successor. For extra creativity points, hold a fork in your right hand and wear a blue top hat tilted to the side for the designated "dairy" part of the plate.

2. Double Stuf Oreo


[Photograph: stevendepolo on Flickr]

This one is a two-person costume. Dress in all white and cut out a large circle of dark brown or black poster board, write "Double Stuf" on it, and attach it to one side of your body. Have a friend do the same, but attach the poster board on the opposite side, naturally. Substitute orange clothes for white if you want the seasonal Halloween Double Stuf look.

3. Ketchup or Mustard


[Photograph: M.Marcus on Flickr]

Dress in all red or yellow and wear a yellow or red cone shaped hat. The hats can be made with construction paper or just buy party hats in the appropriate color.

4. Cereal Killer


This would be Leandra's cereal "cupboard" at our office.

This is a classic pun costume. Decorate yourself with fake blood and carry around a cereal box with a fake bloody knife stuck into the box. Everyone's favorite semi-morbid breakfast costume!

5. Grapes, Jelly Beans, or Gumballs

For grapes, dress in purple and wear a green hat, then blow up purple balloons and attach them to your clothes. But this balloon concept can easily be used to create a jelly bean or gumball machine costume, too!

6. Snow Cone

Wear a giant rainbow colored afro and dress in white.

7. Pillsbury Doughboy

Are you ready to be tummy-poked? Wear white clothes with a pillow stuffed into your shirt and a chefs' hat with a Pillsbury logo (cut off a box or DIY style) attached to the front. Then giggle incessantly the whole night.

8. Black Eyed Peas

20091229blackeyed peas.jpg

[Photo: Robin Bellinger]

Another pun for ya. Wear all green and attach three green balloons to the front of your shirt to create the peapod look. Then for the black-eyed part, give yourself the smoky eyes look with eyeliner.

9. Candy Corn


[Photograph: Muffet on Flickr]

The classic Halloween candy makes for a classic Halloween costume. Wear yellow pants or a skirt, an orange shirt and a white hat.

10. Leftovers

Wrap yourself in tin foil and voilà—you can be any number of foil-friendly leftovers. Write on the foil with sharpie for the "office lunch look."