Los Angeles: Rambo's Tacos Puts Up a Fight in Eagle Rock

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It's a jungle out there, folks, especially when it comes to tacos northeast of downtown. Taquerias and loncheros lurk around every corner, ready to satisfy your meat and tortilla needs. There are heavy hitters like La Estrella amidst an unending sea of nameless taco tables, each with their own white-hot string of lights overhead. And then, there's Rambo's Tacos on Eagle Rock Boulevard near York.

It's been a few years, so Rambo's no longer has the element of surprise when it comes to tacos in Eagle Rock. What they do have is an impressive truck mural showing the real John Rambo with a plate of tacos in hand while a sniper above him dials in for the kill. Of course, they've also got great eats.

Each smallish tortilla is given a once-over on the plancha to help crisp up and stay warm while you decide between an array of meats. If you feel like sneaking behind the enemy lines of your comfort zone, get the tripe. With some mild salsa verde and a nice white onion crunch, each smooth bite offers a bit of everything your mouth has been looking for.


The real power players at Rambo's Tacos, though, are carne asada and carnitas. The bits of asada beef are well griddled to provide a few tasty seared edges in each taco, while the vibrant red salsa isn't afraid to slap you around a little bit. If you need a breather between bites, that's what the radishes and Jarritos are for, right?

Not unlike John Rambo himself, deep down Rambo's Tacos has an emotional core. Nowhere is this more evident than with the slow-roasted and subtly crisped carnitas, handcrafted with love and a slew of savory spices.

If there is some sort of pork dojo to teach people to make carnitas like this, I must find it. Each bite was flavorful and complex, pulled apart into manageable lengths to let the salsa bleed through. The incorporation of spicy, zippy salsa with such a tender few bites of pork is truly amazing, and brings Rambo's Tacos into the conversation alongside all the other taco noisemakers on this side of town.

Assuming you've got your rolled up bandana tied across your forehead and a flowing mane of wet dark hair, or if you're just a person who craves phenomenal carnitas tacos at a price you can't beat, Rambo's Tacos is for you. You'd better watch your back, La Estrella: Rambo's Tacos is coming to get YOU!