Hot Dog of the Week: Texas Hot Weiner Lunch in Hanover, PA

Hot Dog of the Week

A unique hot dog feature each week from hot dog connoisseur and cartoonist Hawk Krall!

[Photographs: Hawk Krall]

Rounding out this mini-tour of Pennsylvania small town hot dogs, last but not least is Texas Hot Weiner Lunch in Hanover, PA. This part of the state is a goldmine of "Texas Lunch" hot dog stands, with Ernie's Texas Lunch in nearby Gettysburg and Famous Lunch Hot Weiner, also in Hanover a few blocks from this place. I chose Texas after noticing some interesting concoctions on the menu.

The setup is your classic small town America hot dog luncheonette—grill and counter in the front, a few tables in the back, old photos and the wall, hot coffee, super cheap prices, and a big plus for this place, ice cold beer.

The hot dogs are surprisingly different from what I had in the rest of the state. They use jumbo Kunzler brand "Texas Weiner" dogs, almost as big as a knockwurst, split and grilled, then slit again creating a crazy looking but tasty notched hot dog.

Served on big soft buns, with a dark, wet chili, mustard, and TONS of diced onions. Looking around the web, the dogs from Ernie's and Famous look similar; it seems that jumbo split dogs with ridiculous amount of onions is the thing down here.

Texas Lunch also has some "regional" dogs and oddities on the menu. We tried the "Atlanta" slaw dog which was pretty good but honestly after going down south it's hard to find hot dog slaw as delicious and perfect as the stuff at Nu-Way or Pulliams Barbecue. The gravy fries, a Pennsylvania hot dog joint staple, were awesome, not hand-cut or anything (some of these places actually do hand-cut their fries) but definitely hit the spot.

And then we come to the bizzaro "Texas Weiner with egg" which consists of the same jumbo dog, wrapped in what is basically an omelet (I was expecting a fried egg) and topped with chili and another massive mound of onions. This concoction might be awesome for breakfast although I preferred the standard Texas Weiner myself... but right up your alley if you're a fan of Loco Moco or the Garbage Plate.

Texas Hot Weiner Lunch

38 Carlisle Street, Hanover PA 17331 (map); 717-637-7075> Menu at