Cutty's Week, Day 5: The Saturday Special Pork Tortas

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Welcome to Cutty's Week! Every day this week, we'll be writing about a sandwich from Cutty's, one of our favorite sandwich shops in Boston. Proprietor and chef Charles Kelsey has been kind enough to donate the recipes for his one-of-a-kind creations.


Pork-Fennel Torta. [Photographs: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

One of Cutty's chef-proprietor Charles Kelsey's other early ideas was to serve spit-roasted pork with fennel salt. A porchetta knockoff. Fortunately, he found a way to work the sandwich onto the menu when he opened the storefront, but by then he'd reimagined it a little.

Making the pork for these Saturday sandwiches (both $8.95) itself is a three-day process: the shoulder roast gets coated in the same spice rub that Kelsey uses on the beef and cures for two days. (The result, he says, is "a dead ringer for guanciale.") Then he slow-roasts it and chills it overnight; that way, it reabsorbs all its flavorful juices and slices cleanly.


Philly-style Pork-Rabe Torta.

As for the other flavors, he sticks with porchetta's traditional garlic and fennel flavors, but switches them to a confited garlic puree and a fennel pickle. The two work in tandem, the mellow-sweet garlic spread (brought up with salt, sugar, black pepper, and more of that good EVOO) adding soft sweetness, and the crisp, tangy, wafer-thin fennel slices cutting through the meat's richness.

As an homage to the Italian tradition of sesame seeded scali bread—and because it's so, so good—he serves this sandwich (and the Philly-style rabe-provolone version) on the Iggy's torta.

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