Can You Name These Fruit? The Answers Revealed!


[Photographs: Alice Gao]

Last week, we took a walk around our block and picked up a dozen varieties of fruit and asked you to try and name them. Here are the answers, from left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Xinjiang Pear; Also known as "fragrant pear," it's got a deep flowery aroma and a mild flavor. They were first introduced to the United States market in 2006.
  2. Chinese Pear (Pyrus pyrifolia); a large crunchy, moist pear with a flesh somewhere between a pear and an apple. Very crisp grainy texture that's best eaten fresh.
  3. Apple Guava (or just guava); sweet and sour pink flesh with large crunchy seeds. My wife loves these. I don't get it.
  4. White Peach; Think you all know this one, right?
  5. Greengage Plum (totally unripe); a small, tart variety or plum.
  6. Golden Kiwi; just like a regular kiwi, but yellow inside. They tend to be a little more elongated. People who guessed regular kiwi get full credit.
  7. Jujube; Native to Southern Asia, jujubes taste crunchy and apple-like when green, but turn soft, sweet, and intense like a date when dried, shriveled, and brown.
  8. Italian Plum; Also known as a prune plum (most prunes are made from this cultivar), it's very sweet with a free stone. Great for baking.
  9. Dragonfruit; white or pink fleshed with mildly sweet watery, crunchy flesh. Click here to see how it grows.
  10. Papaya; sweet juicy flesh with a strong aroma that some find off-puttingly vomit-like (I'm one of them).
  11. Pomelo; one of the largest citrus fruit, it can grow up to 5 pounds with a thick rind and a relatively dry flesh with a flavor similar to mild grapefruit.
  12. Rambutan; closely related to the lychee or longan, with a similar syrupy sweet flavor under a soft-spiked skin.

And the first person to get all 12 right was...

Uh oh. Nobody got the xinjiang pear except for jae_em, who didn't get any of the other ones.

I believe that the most anybody got was 10 out of 12, and the first to do it was AnnieNT.

Congratulations, AnnieNT, you're the brand new Queen of the Serious Eats Fruit Parade! May your reign be long and fruitful.