20 Best Foods at the State Fair of Louisiana

[Photographs: Grav Weldon and Kat Robinson]

This is it. The last stop in our quest to chronicle this year's top fair foods.

We've been to Texas, Arkansas, the Arkansas-Oklahoma State Fair and even the Alaska State Fair this year, finding everything from chocolate tamales to fried watermelon to the dreaded fried bubblegum.

Our last stop takes us to Shreveport, Louisiana, for the 102nd State Fair of Louisiana. Until November 13th (note: the fair is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays), some 450,000 people will come out and enjoy the zoo, the circus, the midway and of course a whole lot of food.

What's hot at the fair? The hot stuff. That is, the spicy regional items; from crawfish and crabmeat boudin to habanero peanut brittle, which is fitting since on opening day the temperature dropped 15 degrees within two hours. Don't worry, there's hot cocoa right alongside the lemon shake-ups.