7 Great Bites at Oxbow Market

[Photo: Carey Jones]


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As small city food markets go, Oxbow Market in Napa, California, couldn't be more impressive. Opened in 2007, it feels like a scaled-down version of San Francisco's Ferry Building—little coincidence, as Oxbow's founder, Steve Carlin, was the Ferry Building project manager, behind the launch of that incredible marketplace. At Oxbow, you've got the same careful selection of stores, the same open-air feel, and the same variety, but on a scale appropriate to a smaller town.

Restaurants, pizzerias, coffee bars, cheese shops, and a produce market all share a roof, an airy, open space that lets you walk between one stall and another, glass of wine in hand. Between The Fatted Calf shop (the charcuterie maker's first brick-and-mortar location), Model Bakery, Oxbow Produce and Grocery, and Oxbow Cheese Merchant—not to mention the twice-weekly farmers' market in the parking lot outisde—it's a fine place for food shopping. But it's an equally fine place to have a meal, whether at one stall or many. Local favorites like Hog Island Oyster and Gott's Roadside (the hamburger stand formerly known as Taylor's Automatic Refresher) share space with other restaurants and stands exclusive to the market.

Here are a few bites we loved at Oxbow Market » Any to add?

Oxbow Market

644 First Street, Napa CA 94559 (map)