Got a Question for The Food Lab? Kenji Will Answer Everything


It's been nearly two years since The Food Lab first appeared on Serious Eats, and despite dozens of explorations into the deeper realms of cooking and food science, we've still only begun to scratch the surface of everything that goes on in the kitchen.

So this week I'll turn the floor over to you, Serious Eaters. Here's my promise: from now until noon on Thursday, September 8th, post any question or comment you'd like, and on Friday morning's regular Food Lab post, I will answer every single question to the best of my ability.

Ever wonder why green beans turn drab as you cook them (or how you can prevent it)? Now's your chance to find out. How about why good ice cream melts more slowly than bad ice cream? Or just what the heck is methylcellulose, and what do fancy chefs use it for?

Who makes the best blenders? Should you be using plastic, glass or wooden cutting boards? Why don't they refrigerate their eggs over in Europe? Want to know who my second grade teacher was, why George is my favorite Beatle and, or just who do I think I am? Well, I'll answer those questions too. Ask me anything—and I mean anything—and I will give you my best answer.