Videos: New York Farms Still Recovering from Hurricane Irene Aftermath


In these two videos, filmmakers Daniel Klein of The Perennial Plate and Liza de Guia of Food Curated take us to farms in upstate New York where the flooding from Hurricane Irene in late August followed by tropical rains a week later that re-flooded many farms, was devastating.

Please watch these videos and remember that although Irene has left the headlines, people are still deeply affected by what happened. You can show your support for New York farmers here.

Taliaferro Farms and Bradley Farm in New Paltz, NY

In the first video from The Perennial Plate, we visit Taliaferro Farms and Ray Bradley Farm. They take us around their farms, where you can hardly see any remnants of produce growing. Late summer is the most important time of the year for many farmers and when that crop gets wiped out, it can mean losing your entire income.

Pete Taliaferro said he was worried to tell his CSA members, who would be feeling the loss this season in their shares, but they were more than supportive. "Do you need tools?" .. "Can we pay for next year?" .."Can we send our kids down to help?"

Maple Downs Farm in Middleburgh, NY

If you're not crying at this point, you will be after this Food Curated video. David and Denise Lloyd of Maple Downs Farm, a small dairy farm, lost a total of 47 animals in the hurricane. Everything was wiped out—their farm, their home, their business, their car and trucks. They watched their barn fill up with seven feet of water in 20 minutes.