Serious Entertaining: Game Night Essentials: Deep Fried Buffalo Chicken Skewers

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[Photograph: Carrie Vasios]

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Didn't you mean to say Game Night Essentials: Deep Fried Buffalo Chicken wings?" Well friends, I did and I didn't. Yes, chicken wings have traditionally been crucial element of watching sports. And we have a ton recipes here on Serious Eats in case you're unwilling to try something new. But do yourself a favor and hear me out.

As I see it, there are three shortcomings to chicken wings.

  1. They're super messy. Sauce ends up on your hands, your face, and very often your friend's couch. As a host, you want to order wings but you know your friends have the dexterity and cleanliness of a kindergartner. This typically doesn't go over well with your already nonplussed Significant Other.
  2. While the high skin to meat ratio is part of what makes wings so good, it can get frustrating when you're actually hungry. Even the manliest man has to nibble at wings like a rabbit. Don't you sometimes wish you could just take one big bite?
  3. Football season is 17 weeks long, not including playoffs. Eating fatty wings every Sunday can get a bit much. What if there were some deep fried middle ground?

I'll admit the problem with foregoing wings is that halfway through the game, you pretty much always wish you had some wings. These satisfy that craving. The buffalo sauce starts with the traditional Frank's and butter combination, but adds some spice to keep things interesting. Each skewer holds four or five large pieces of deep fried chicken. The meat stays juicy and tender but, being white meat, it's lighter on the stomach. And to save your couch, the chicken can be taken off the skewers and eaten with a fork (or "speared" with a fork, if you'd like). So don't forgo wings entirely, but sub these skewers in occasionally, like the fat guy in a goal line situation.