Sandwich a Day: Pulled Pork at Gatlin's BBQ, Houston

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[Photograph: Carrie Vasios]



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When I'm eating pulled pork, the first thing I examine is the texture. Is the pork shredded to bits? Will those lame, thin shreds meld together into a mushy heap in my mouth? Alternatively, are there enormous chunks? Even mouth-tender, I don't want to be eating pieces of chop on my sandwich.

For me, Gatlin's BBQ pulled pork came down perfectly in the middle. The sandwich was piled with mostly medium shreds of pork with a few larger pieces and crunchy bits. The first thing I taste (yes, before the pork) is the sauce. Coming from no one school of barbecue, I've simply developed my own preference for a sauce that's more tangy than sweet, but not straight up vinegar. On the spectrum of sauces, Gatlin's BBQ hits dead center. The bun was also surprisingly flavorful, and had that soft but sturdy nature that keeps the sandwich together.

With the exception of the ribs, which are also amazing, the BBQ pork sandwich ($5.75) is the thing to get at this home-run barbecue joint, which sits inconspicuously between some car shops in a still developing area of Houston.

Gatlin's BBQ

1221 West 19th Street, Houston TX 77008 (map) 713-869-4227;