15 Pumpkin Recipes We Love


Curried pumpkin soup. [Photograph: Joshua Bousel]

From the original pumpkin soup to pumpkin ravioli with sage sauce, these 15 savory recipes are just some ways you can use pumpkin (ain't nothing wrong with the canned stuff) to create the perfect autumn meal.

Curried Pumpkin Soup: Give the sweet pumpkin a kick with some curry powder, ginger, cumin, and cayenne.

Pumpkin Fritters: These fried delights have a hint of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and parsley.

Chestnut, Pumpkin, And Farro:This hearty pumpkin soup is both savory with pancetta, chiles, and onion, and velvety sweet with the addition of chestnuts.

Pumpkin Orzo With Sage: A deceptively light meal, this creamy orzo is made sweet by the pumpkin and savory by the sage. A perfect rainy-day dish!


Grilling: Pumpkin Ravioli With Brown Butter And Sage Sauce: Roasted pumpkin innards are mixed with shallots, ricotta, nutmeg, and cayenne to make one kickin' ravioli filling. Smother that pasta in a nutty brown butter and sage sauce!

Chickpea, Pumpkin, And Raisin Couscous: This autumnal dish is hearty and fragrant, with a slew of yummy vegetables and spices like turmeric and paprika.

Pumpkin Pancetta Soup: Roasted sugar pie pumpkins steal the spotlight in this delicious soup, garnished with salty pancetta.

Pumpkin And Leek Soup: Try this brighter, sweeter variation on the classic potato and leek soup.

Healthy And Delicious: Pumpkin Turkey Chili: Pumpkin and turkey chili is a healthy alternative that's still substantial and delicious!

Kabocha Pumpkin Hot Pot: This hot pot is a great vegetarian dish, filled with sweet and satisfying chunks of kabocha (Japanese pumpkin), earthy mushrooms, and chewy udon noodles.


Pumpkin potato latkes. [Posted by Olga Massov]

Pumpkin Potato Latkes: The pumpkin adds a creaminess to the crispy latkes that pairs nicely with maple vanilla apple sauce.

Roasted Squash With Rajas, Cumin, and Crema This Mexican-style recipe heats up the pumpkin (or squash) with poblano chiles and cumin seed, then cools it down with a drizzle of crema.

Pumpkin, Pancetta And Potato Hash: Salty, sweet, and rich with crispy pumpkin hash, plus a fried egg. Breakfast is served!

Bread Baking: Harvest Buns: Pumpkin adds great color, moisture, and a subtle flavor to these buns.

Classic Pumpkin Soup: Spiced only with dashes of cinnamon and nutmeg and a warming pinch of cayenne, this soup just barely hints at sweetness.