20 Fun Sandwiches for Your Sack Lunch




Tips and tricks for making the best sandwiches at home.

It's back-to-school time for kids and parents, which means even more sandwiches need to be made. We see this as an opportunity to try out fun, new sandwich concoctions, especially if you're willing to go beyond the average PB&J (not that we don't love it). Here are 15 make-ahead recipes to pack in your sack lunch this school year.

Steak Sandwich with Cucumber, Ginger Salad, and Black Chile Mayonnaise »
Grilled Portobello and Peach Sandwich »
Roasted Tomato and Lentils in a Pita »
Salame ala Diavolo »
Avocado and Sprout Club Sandwich »
Curried Egg Salad »
Roasted Beet, Goat Cheese, and Avocado Sandwiches »
Roast Beef Sandwich with Boursin »
The TMT: Tomato, Mayo, And Toast »
Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich »
Whatta Tuna Sandwich »
Bacon, Pear, and Cheese Sandwich »
Turkey and Coleslaw Sandwich »
Asparagus and Bacon on Buttered Toast »
Grandmother's Egg Salad (Sandwich) »
Deconstructed Club Sandwich Salad »
Deviled Ham Salad Sandwich »
Crunchy Chicken Salad Sandwiches with Bacon »
Broccoli Rabe, Roasted Red Pepper, Mozzarella, and Arugula Sandwich »
Flounder Sandwich Marinated in Fish Sauce, with Sriracha Mayo »