Gallery: The Grandwich: 10 Sandwiches Compete in Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Winning
The Winning "G-Wrap" from the BOB-Bobarinos

Crisp seared Big B Farms pulled pork, spiced barbecue sauce, locally-made Andouille sausage, and spicy pickle slaw on spiced naan.

"The Grand Peppino" from Peppinos

Roasted turkey breast with housemade Michigan Cherry Mayonnaise, smoked gouda and apple slaw made with apples from River Ridge, a locally owned farm in nearby Sparta, Michigan. It was heaped on toasted ciabatta, along with cranberry chutney and three strips of Michigan hickory smoked bacon.

Smoked Turkey and Chevre with Michigan Basil Pesto from the Grand Central Market
Smoked Turkey and Chevre with Michigan Basil Pesto from the Grand Central Market

Stone House Bakery's red pepper and asiago cheese focaccia sandwiching Michigan Turkey Producers' smoked turkey breast, Dancing Goat Creamery's fresh chevre, Mud Lake Farms' mixed lettuces, pesto made with Michigan basil, Old World Olive Press vinaigrette, tomatoes and sweet red onion. Served with chips and a locally-pickled spear.

"The Schmeiderwich" from the Green Well Gastro Pub

Slow-braised crispy Creswick Farms pork belly, Grassfields gouda, Ingraberg Farms' cabbage-radish slaw made with Michigan apples, Nantucket Bakery's Hopcat grain and maple (yes, that maple was from Michigan) hoagie bun with Doodles Sugar Bush maple and Detroit ale mustard, all topped with a Rawkowski Farms fried egg.

"Sloppy Crack Fry Sandwich" from Hopcat

A Grand Rapids twist on the Sloppy Joe with jalapenos and an order of their signature "crack fries," complete with soft beer cheese on a brioche bun.

"Michigan Street Reuben" from the Omelette Shoppe

A combination of slow-roasted, hand-pulled tender corned beef with sliced dill pickles, sweet and tangy homemade mustard and Great Lakes Swiss cheese, all on marbled rye bread from RW Bakers in Muskegon, Michigan.

Pork Shoulder on Challah from 25 Kitchen + Bar
Pork Shoulder on Challah from 25 Kitchen + Bar

Braised Sobie Meats pork shoulder on local Wealthy Street Bakery's challah topped with Michigan cherry apple chutney and smothered with smoked gouda and Kowalski honey dijon.

Grilled Turkey from Saint Mary's Health Care
Grilled Turkey from Saint Mary's Health Care

The Grand Rapids hospital created a grilled Michigan turkey sandwich with sweet cherries, apples and fresh herbs from their garden, smothered with blueberry goat cheese, fire roasted sweet Vidalia onions, greens, cabbage and carrots tossed with a light blueberry vinaigrette, that was all layered inside Nantucket Bakery's multigrain toast. Their goal was to create a sandwich that reflected the healthy lifestyles of Grand Rapids in only 500 calories.

"The GR Melting Pot" from the Skywalk Deli

Locally made chorizo topped with a sweet potato pierogi, Dutch Edam cheese, roasted red pepper and olive tapenade and a spicy Asian aioli on a grilled German kaiser roll.

"A Memory of Thanksgiving" from Ricos Deli

A generous portion of hand-carved turkey breast topped with creamy Havarti, layered with homemade stuffing on potato bread, pressed panino-style so all the turkey jus spilled out. Cranberry aioli on the side.