Video: Happy Hot Dog Man Infomercial


Make your dinner a wiener with Happy Hot Dog Man, the kid-safe tool that cuts those boring 'ol meat logs into floppy, sort of human-shaped figures! According to their infomercial, a world with normal hot dogs is desaturated and devoid of fun; add Happy Hot Dog Man for a world of color and endless smiles! At least two girls in the infomercial threw up their hands and exclaimed, "Yay!" in a bout of Happy Hot Dog Man-induced ecstasy; that could be you! Find out today by ordering two Happy Hot Dog Men for only $10.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling!

Official Happy Hot Dog Man

Goes great with penguin and octopus wieners!

[via @kevinthepang]

Bonus Video: Happy Hot Dog Man Series Ep.1: "The Perfect Summer Day"

Good job, Dog.