Road Trip Snacking: Tasty Recipes to Make Ahead

[Photograph: Kalle Bergman]

When you enter about the sixth hour of a long road trip, the novelty of a Dairy Queen blizzard or Cracker Barrel (OK maybe not Cracker Barrel) starts to wear off. Packaged peanut butter crackers and gas station hot dogs just won't cut it anymore, and you find yourself starting to eye roadkill as a possible snack—that's where this list comes in.

The best things to bring along are portable, tasty at room temperature or from the ice chest, relatively mess-free, and won't stink up the car (I'm looking at you, tuna sandwiches). Trail mix and granola bars are the obvious classics, but here are some other options to munch on as you belt out the Journey and Backstreet Boys. What do you like to bring in the car?

Pork Cracklings »
Homemade Energy Bars »
Granola »
Fruit Leather »
Truffle Brownies »
Pork and Guinness Hand Pies »
Crunchy Chicken Salad Sandwiches with Bacon
Mini Pulled-Pork Empanadas »
Elvis's Favorite Peanut Butter Sandwich »
Homemade Pizza Rolls »
The TMT: Tomato, Mayo on Toast »
Chocolate-Covered Cheetos »
Sweet, Salty and Spiced Nuts »
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds »
Chocolate Pudding Snack Packs »
Whole Wheat Carrot Muffins »