Los Angeles: 8 Egg Sandwiches We Love

[Photographs: Rebecca Fishman and Katie Robbins, unless otherwise noted]

Forget one a day, in Los Angeles, you could easily eat three sandwiches a day. And in this alternate universe of hero, sub, and panino bliss, each day would start with a breakfast sandwich, that eye-opening combination of egg, cheese, maybe a little meat, or a few vegetables thrown in for good measure.

The key to a good egg sandwich is of course the egg—it must be perfectly cooked and in symbiotic harmony with the other ingredients. And while all sandwiches should be well-composed, since these are often the first thing you eat all day, these AM eats carry a special burden, setting the pace for the rest of the day's dining.

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8 Sandwiches We Love in Los Angeles

BLTA at Nickel Diner »
Clementine Breakfast Sandwich at Clementine »
Cecina and Egg Cemita at Don Adrian »
Breakfast Panini at Cafe Surfas »
Alice's Egg Sandwich at Fred62 »
Eggs and White Beans at Sweet Butter Kitchen »
Breakfast Torta at Auntie Em's »
Fried Egg Sandwich at Huckleberry »