It's National Farmers' Market Week


[Photograph: Leah Greenstein]

The USDA has declared this week, August 7th through 13th, National Farmers' Market Week. We celebrate farmers' markets just about every week here, especially this time of year. But maybe we haven't given your local market proper attention.

Please tell us about your favorite market, or maybe it's a favorite vendor that keeps you coming back (the adorable egg man, anyone else?) or just a favorite piece of fruit or loaf of bread.

If you're looking for a market in your area, here's a national directory. As noted in our food policy news roundup today, more than 1,000 new farmers' markets have cropped up in the United States over the last year, making for a grand total of 7,175 reported markets in the country (about ten percent of which are in California). The USDA also noted that 12 percent of them are accepting SNAP, formerly known as food stamps.