Best Food You've Had at a Music Festival?


[Photographs: Jessica Leibowitz]

Earlier today we brought you a photo gallery of all the bites we had at Outside Lands in San Francisco over the weekend. But the weekend prior to that, we were actually jamming at Lollapalooza. Though people don't attend the festival for the food, the selections are getting better and better. Chicago chef Graham Elliot, who also just opened Grahamwich, was in charge of the festival's Chow Town for the second year in a row.

This year saw fried cheese curds in rhubarb romesco (Bonsoiree) and vegan cactus tostadas (Blue 13), but the longest lines were for slices of Lou Malnati's deep-dish pizza.

We tried both of Grahamwich's offerings, a lobster corn dog ($9) and parmesan truffle popcorn ($5). The corn dog was warm, fried, and portable: all good components of successful festival food. There was a decent amount of lobster meat inside the fried cornmeal. Topped with a lemon aioli and paprika, this dog made us feel like we were at a trendy restaurant, despite Lolla's lack of indoor plumbing.


The parmesan-truffle popcorn is on Grahamwich's normal menu, and despite our initial reservations (and some murmurs about the truth about truffle oil), it's pretty good, too. Just make sure to seek out the good bits, thickly coated with parmesan and sea salt. Better than the bald patchy chunks all too common in gourmet popcorn.

What about you? We know you're not there for the food, but has there been a favorite bite before, after, or during a concert? A food court at a music festival that has impressed you?

* Due to logical manpower requirements at Lolla, Grahamwich was closed during the entirety of festival weekend. This meant that, sadly, we did not get to investigate the actual menu.