Cook the Book: 'Purple Citrus & Sweet Perfume'


If anyone can conquer the cuisine of the Ottoman Empire it's Silvena Rowe. With her Julia Child-like stature, spiky bleach blond hair, and quick wit, this Bulgarian-born current Londoner has been sharing recipes from her Eastern European and Turkish roots for years on the BBC.

Her latest cookbook Purple Citrus & Sweet Perfume surveys the unique Ottoman food where the bounty of the Mediterranean meets the spices of the Middle East.

While the history of the Ottoman Empire dates back nearly 600 years, the cuisine remains fresh and thrilling. Rowe's recipes play with the sweet, sour, and aromatic notes of Ottoman cuisine. Delicate rose water and saffron, sweet-salty pistachios and sour sumac provide flavors that give Rowe's recipes a gorgeous vibrancy.

This week we'll be traveling the Eastern Mediterranean through the pages of Purple Citrus & Sweet Perfume. The menu will begin with a selection of Ottoman mezze including Crunchy Red Swiss Chard Falafel and Beet Tzatziki followed up by a Tomato Pomegranate and Sumac Salad and we'll finish up with scoops of perfumed Rose Petal Ice Cream.

Win 'Purple Citrus & Sweet Perfume'

Thanks to the generous folks over at Ecco, we are giving away five (5) copies of Purple Citrus & Sweet Perfume this week.

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