Sixth and Rye, Spike Mendelsohn's Kosher Deli Truck in D.C.

As Good Stuff Eatery fans, we were curious about Spike Mendelsohn's recently launched kosher deli food truck, Sixth and Rye. Considering the dearth of Jewish delis in D.C. and the delicious-sounding menu, it was no surprise that Sixth and Rye opened to 30-minute lines when it first hit the streets in May.

After patiently waiting at Farragut Square to get a taste of the much-hyped collaboration between Mendelsohn and chef Malcolm Mitchell, Eat Wonky's Jeff Kelley and the Sixth and I Historic Synagogue, we ordered most of the menu—whatever didn't sell out.

The light, fluffy challah loaf is from Breadsmith, a kosher bakery in Potomac, Maryland. The truck's signature hot smoked corned beef sandwich is on rye, and they're also serving kosher dill pickles, homemade potato chips, Israeli couscous salad (with chopped cucumber, green olives, tomatoes and bell peppers), a black and white cookie and a refreshing fresh-squeezed seltzer lemonade.

Of course, there were high hopes for the menu's crown jewel, the cured and smoked beef brisket ($9). Unfortunately, it was a bit of a letdown. While the beef had a smoky, rich flavor, the composition was a bit stringy, and not nearly as large of a serving as you'd expect from a $9 sandwich. The rye bread, on the other hand was fresh, hearty, and stood up well to the slather of housemade hot mustard.


Don't expect the lines to get any shorter, as the truck is operating on Fridays during lunch hours. Follow them at @sixthandrye to check on where they'll be stopping next. Have you tried it yet? And while we're on the topic, are there any good corned beef sandwiches to be had in the D.C. area?

More photos of the food in the slideshow >>