Raisin Bread: Way or No Way?


[Photograph: Sweet Pea's Kitchen]

As evidenced by today's sandwich dispatch, raisins in bread is quite the polarizing topic. Whether you're an advocate or naysayer, you probably have an opinion on the issue. Growing up, my family always had a loaf of the Sun Maid Raisin Cinnamon Swirl Bread around; it was part of the regular grocery rotation. Toasted with some Kerrygold butter, that became an instant breakfast or bedtime snack. Ergo, I will defend the existence of raisin bread.

But. A separate question entirely is whether or not you believe it should be used as the bread foundation for reubens or other savory sandwich fillings. Grilled cheese? Turkey? Blasphemy, or sweet and salty nirvana? Please share your thoughts on raisin bread (and whether or not the presence of cinnamon swirls is a factor).