New at Wawa: Pepperoni Pizza Hoagie


[Photograph: John M. Edwards]



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Ever since I moved away from New Jersey, I've missed Wawa. A few weeks back, while driving through Pennsylvania, I stopped at a Wawa gas station and actually said to myself, "God, I miss Wawa." Hearing my prayers, the Lord answered by killing my battery.

After an hour on the phone with AAA, I knew I'd be there awhile. So I decided to make lemons into lemonade with a stroll through the Wawa. In the back of the convenience store, right above the touch-pad ordering system, a fluorescent halo beckoned me: "New, Pepperoni Pizza Hoagie."

It could have been my last meal, and I would've been happy. They toasted the Shorti bun perfectly: crispy crust on the outside, with that crack and crumble when you bite, leaving bits of crust and cornmeal in your lap. I sprang for extra Pepperoni, which at Wawa means "chock full", not "one extra slice," like at Subway. Their pepperoni was spicy, in a good way, and extremely salty. The melted cheese formed a tubular center to the hoagie, and mixed with the herbed marinara sauce. Be careful with the marinara, though, because too much sauce can render the bun a soggy mush.

I may have endured misfortune to discover it, but the Pepperoni Hoagie gets my thumbs-up; really, it's the best new fast food item I've had this year. If you're anywhere near a Wawa, give it a chance. (And count your blessings.)