A Tour of Mushroom Country: Kennett Square, PA

[Photographs: Caroline Russock]

Most of us know how the majority of our food grows: corn comes in husks from tall stalks, tomatoes hang from leafy vines, potatoes and carrots are dug out out of the earth. But one vegetable's growing process remains largely hidden—the mushroom.

I recently visited Kennett Square to get a glimpse of every stage of the mushroom's fascinating life cycle. Located in the far southeast corner of Pennsylvania, just a few miles north of the Delaware border, the 47 mushroom growers of Kennett Square produce 64% of the edible fungi consumed in the U.S.

It was a full day of mushroom tourism including a stop at Mother Earth Organic Mushroom Farm to see the 'shroom from spawn to store, a trip to The Mushroom Cap, a store and museum for all of your mushroom accessory and history needs, a walk around the Kennett Square Farmers Market for an incredible selection of exotics, and finally a mushroom-centric lunch at Talula's Table.

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