Is Goat the Hot New Meat?


Recently we told you that 2011 is the year of lamb. Lamb prosciutto, smoked lamb belly, pickled lamb tongue. As lamb lovers, we have absolutely no problem with this. But that doesn't mean that goat can't sneak into the scene too.

Goat meat is tasty, sustainable, lean, and of course nothing new. It's actually one of the most widely consumed meats on the planet, but as some of you and Bon Appetit's Andrew Knowlton have recently proclaimed, it's the next "it" meat.

The bearded sheep-cousin is the subject of the recently published cookbook Goat: Milk, Meat, Cheese and is appearing on more menus, including Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard's Chicago restaurant Girl and the Goat where she's making goat carpaccio, confit goat belly, smoked goat rilette empanadas, goat liver mousse, and lardo wrapped in goat loin.

So, hurray for goat? What's your favorite preparation? Here are five goat recipes to make at home.

5 Goat Recipes

Goat Skewers with a Vinegary Herb Sauce »
Braised Goat Meatballs with Artichokes and Fennel »
Goat Mole Rojo »
Kaldereta »
Guyanese Goat Curry »