In Season: Peaches


Peaches along with other fruit at the Union Square Market. [Photograph: Ben Fishner]

What says summer better than a perfectly ripe peach? With its lovable, fuzzy skin and sweet, juicy interior a peach might be the best summer snack we can think of. Sure, you can throw peaches into any number of dishes or cocktails to sweeten them up—like in peach lemonade or over a salad—but this tasty fruit does just fine all on its own, thank you.

You might not have known that peaches are actually part of the rose family, along with cherries, plums and almonds. They come in many different varieties, but all are either white or yellow on the interior. When buying, look for smooth, unbruised peaches with a uniform yellow background color. Be careful bringing them home, though, because they'll bruise like...well, like a peach.

Check out these recipes for inspiration on how to use your peaches this summer.


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