Lobster Roll Rumble: 18 Lobster Rolls in America

[Photographs: Andrew Strenio]



Tips and tricks for making the best sandwiches at home.

Anyone who has opinions about lobster rolls likely has passionate opinions about lobster rolls. Last night we attended Tasting Table's Lobster Roll Rumble event in Manhattan, where 18 different rolls from across the country went head to head (claw to claw?) for the title of best.

They all followed the same formula of lobster plus roll, but went about it many different ways. Some were more purist (just melted butter, or a swipe of mayo), while others doctored up the lobster meat with all sorts of spices. And how do you define "roll"? From the buttery brioche, to Martin's potato roll, to the New England split-top buns—check out all 18 entries in the Rumble.

What are your favorite lobster rolls? Which would you like to see added to the line-up?

The 18 Lobster Rolls

B&G Oysters (Boston, MA) »
Hank's Oyster Bar (Washington, D.C.) »
GT Fish and Oyster (Chicago, IL) »
Ditch Plains (New York, NY) »
Lobsta Truck (Los Angeles, CA) »
Lamb's Club (New York, NY) »
Mary's Fish Camp (New York, NY) »
Luke's Lobster (New York, NY) »
Nettie's Crab Shack (San Francisco, CA) »
Camden Harbour Inn (Camden, ME) »
Ed's Chowder House (New York, NY) »
Old Port Lobster Shack (Redwood City, CA) »
Red Hook Lobster Pound (New York, NY) »
Shaw's Crab House (Chicago, IL) »
Summer Shack (Cambridge, MA) »
Lure Fishbar (New York, NY) »
Mermaid Inn (New York, NY) »
BLT Fish (New York, NY) »