A Sandwich a Day: Lexington-Style Chopped Barbecue at Lexington Barbecue

A Sandwich a Day

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Chopped Mixture at Lexington

Lexington, North Carolina's best Lexington-style barbecue at Lexington Barbecue. Yes, you just read that. [Photograph: Chichi Wang]

If you're looking for good Lexington-style barbecue in North Carolina, you can rest assured that its eponymous home (in Lexington) is as true as advertised.


[Photographs: Photograph: James Boo]

Lexington Barbecue, which has been serving oak-smoked pork shoulder in various forms since the 1960s, offers its barbecue in sandwich form for less than $4. If you intend to get serious about it, ask for yours with "extra brown" (bits of meat cut from the edges of the shoulder). Lexington's chewy, smoky chopped pork, crowned with a scoop of sweet and tart barbecue slaw and stuffed into a factory-made hamburger bun, is a classic handful of American barbecue.

Lexington Barbecue

10 U.S. Highway 29/70 S., Lexington, NC 27295 (map) 336-249-9814