Ed Levine's Caloric Journey, Week 176: Do You Have Diet Clothes?


Talking pants! [Doodle: Robyn Lee; Original image: menslinenpants.net]

Now that I'm not hitting Thinner every week for my weekly weight confessional, I find myself slightly disoriented. Because for all the problems associated with compulsively weighing myself daily, I at least had a consistent measuring stick to mark my progress.

I still weigh myself at least once a week, and even more importantly, I've found other checks and balances to use to keep me on the straight and narrow caloric journey-wise.

There's nothing revelatory here, just some common-sense stuff that I'm sure most of you know. In fact some of you have suggested these things at other, earlier points on my journey.

Now that it's summer I have a favorite pair of shorts and linen and cotton pants—they're reliable barometers for my weight. Each time I put one of them on, I can tell how I've been doing.

If they are tighter, if I have to reach just a little bit further to close the clasp, I know it's time to increase my fruits and vegetable quotient. If they are looser, and that clasp meets little or no resistance when joining its mate on the other side of my pants, all is right with the world.

I also think I'm listening to my body more, and better. Some (but not all) days I will realize about15 or 20 minutes into a meal that I'm full. Often there is food left on the plate. Wow! What a concept—eating responsibly until I'm full. After that, no mas.

I have to say there are still times I do mindlessly go past full on my stomach-ometer, but more and more I have learned when to say when. That's big, and I'm not talking about the size of my pants.

What do other serious eaters use instead of the scale to measure their progress? I'd appreciate other suggestions.