Ed Levine's Caloric Journey, Week 174: Listen to Your Body, It Will Tell You When You're Full


Lately, as this column continues to evolve, as I am not so slavishly devoted to getting on the scale every day, I have begun to see that there are other ways to measure my caloric journey progress.

I've been noticing that I'm feeling full more quickly. What that means for me is that I can eat more of the food I love, as long as I stop when my body says enough.

I ordered a Shake Shack plain cheeseburger and a small cup of vanilla custard with fresh strawberries for dinner the other night. It took me quite a while to finish the cheeseburger, and by the time I got to the last bite or two, my body was telling me enough. The same thing happened with the custard.

Thinner the next morning confirmed what my body had already told me: I can eat in moderation the things I love and not put on weight.

I guess you really do have to know when to say when, whether it comes to alcohol or cheeseburgers.