Los Angeles: 14 Salads to Eat Right Now

[Photographs: Katie Robbins, unless otherwise noted]

With eight of the nation's top 10 agricultural counties in California, and what seems like 9.99 out of ten of the nation's figure-conscious aspiring starlets within city limits, it's no wonder that Los Angeles is a serious salad town.

These salads range from the meaty are-you-sure-that's-a-salad variety to the dressing-on-the-side lettuce and celery persuasion. There are L.A. classics like the Cobb, the Chopped, and the Chinese chicken. And of course, with California's bounteous farms so near by, there are the ephemeral seasonal salads, inspired by that brief moment of fava bean or pea-shoot perfection.

Every day's a salad day in Los Angeles. And so we bring you 14 of our favorite L.A. salads right now.

Our criteria? They needed to be fresh, filling, and creative—an interesting medley of textures and flavors, not just a mindless shot of vitamins and fiber courtesy of a plate of raw veggies. We've got protein-rich meat salads, carb-heavy noodle varieties, and a few smaller side salads that were too compelling, and delicious, not to include.

Some are seasonal specialties, others are available year-round. But all are bright and robust, offering the perfect remedy to the gray days of L.A.'s impending June Gloom. And they're all in the slideshow. Did we leave any out?

The Salads

Stuffed Avocado at Nickel Diner »
Citrus Chicken Salad at Clementine »
A Modo Mio at Culina »
Spring Salad at Say Cheese »
Market Ribbon Salad at Cube »
Hiyashi Chuka at Asahi Ramen »
Grilled Prawn Salad at Tender Greens »
Soy and Coca-Cola marinated Flank Steak Salad at Forage »
3 Signature Salad Combo at M Café de Chaya »
Watermelon Radish, Ahi tuna, Snap Peas at Lemonade »
Chinese Chicken Salad at Joan's on Third »
Island Farmer's Market Salad at A-Frame ($8) »
Pad Thai Salad at Esaan A Taste of Thai »
Fattoush Salad at Sunnin »

The Map

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