Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up: Foods on a Stick


Crispy Rice Cake and Chinese Sausage Sandwiches.[Photograph: theindolentcook]

Last week for our Weekend Cook and Tell challenge we asked all of you to skewer up some grub for a challenge we dubbed Foods on a Stick. The challenge evoked all sorts of fun fair foods and plenty of Memorial Day inspired snacking. Let's take a peek at some of our most intriguing ideas for foods on a stick.

fritesandfries came up with two skewered creations: the first, a handheld version of pigs in a blanket that wrapped veggie dogs in a spiral of puff pastry and the second, a Minnesota State Fair inspired recipe for Green Bean Casserole Meatballs perfect for a retro cocktail hour nibble.

Taking a little bit of liberty with the stick part of the challenge, philandlauren offered up a Jacques Pépin classic, Chicken Wing Lollipops. By cutting the meat away from the bone Pépin transforms messy wings into neat little bites. Check out this video for chicken wing lollipop technique.

meatntaters recently enjoyed some outstanding Club Sandwich Skewers of Chicken and Bacon and has a soft spot for another kind of meat on a stick, the Giant Turkey Leg—the bone counts as a stick, right?

Ken G shared his preferred food on a stick—Satay. His not-so-secret-anymore marinade for chicken or beef includes Sriracha, fish sauce, lime juice, turmeric, brown sugar, and Golden Mountain Sauce, a sweeter, saltier Thai soy sauce.

theindolentcook put a stick in these Crispy Rice Cake and Chinese Sausage Sandwiches, awesome little Asian canapés.

A big thank you everyone who shared their handheld eating ideas week's Weekend Cook and Tell challenge. Be sure to head over to Talk and read about next week's challenge: Let the Grilling Begin, Part 2.