So Long, Folks (and See You Next Week)

Well, folks, are you sitting down?* This is it for me. The end of an era. After four and a half years at Serious Eats/SENY, almost eight years of blabbing on Slice, and six years of intermittent burgering on A Hamburger Today, I'm bidding a fond farewell to you all. Today's my last day at Serious Eats, a site (a group of websites, really) that I'm happy and extremely grateful to have had a part in shaping.

When SE overlord Ed Levine asked me to join him in his rag-tag experiment in up-to-the-minute food journalism, restaurant reviews, recipe-sharing, and overall gabbing about grub, I never imagined it would grow into the resource it is today.

Wait, scratch that. I did imagine it becoming a daily read and an invaluable tool to food lovers everywhere, so I am overwhelmed that the vision shared here by all Serious Eaters — the staff, our contributors, and all our community members alike — has materialized. I want to thank Ed for the opportunity. It's been crazy, challenging, maddening at times, but always extremely rewarding and always a load of serious fun (and, yeah, deliciousness).

And, of course, thanks to all my colleagues here in the office and across the country who have bowled me over with their serious knowledge of food, drink, and restaurant intel. I could go on and on with recollections and anecdotes, but this post would get looooong. Suffice it to say that everyone I've worked with closely here at SE HQ brings something unique and irreplaceable to the experience both on the site and in the office. I'll miss you guys!

Last but not least, I would like to thank my wife, Girl Slice, first for encouraging me to make the leap to Serious Eats in the first place and then for her support and advice during my stay here. I'm sure she'll be happy that from now on the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do before going to bed won't be checking Talk for spam or to see if you rascals in the boards are behaving yourselves!

I can't imagine a day without Serious Eats as part of it.

And I won't have to. I'll still be around.

  • On Slice, I'll continue with my weekly pizza reviews, some Daily Slices here and there, and at least once a month dropping in with some sort of pizza-at-home experiment or how-to.**
  • On AHT, I'll be rotating in with a monthly NYC burger review
  • On the main Serious Eats site, you'll see me pop up whenever I get a bug to explore things like bagel-making, cookie-stuffed cookies, or 7-layer dips

In addition to that, how could I stay away from Talk? You crazy SE'rs are like family. The biggest, most-extended, rollicking family full of smart, funny, talented — and, yes, cantankerous — sumbitches I've ever known. I want to thank you all for the great commentary, recipes, and insights you've shared over the years. And for more or less keeping the level of discourse higher than that of any community forum on the web I've participated in. I can honestly say that I'm starting to ... no, scratch that ... um ... I think I got something in my eye as I started typing this farewell to you crazy SE'rs ;)

So this is less a last goodbye than a "see ya 'round, SE'rs."

For those of you wondering, I'm moving on to become the Social Media Director at, New York City's official tourism marketing organization.

So, What's Up With Slice?

Apart from SE, the one site I'm probably most associated with these days is Slice, where I've been blabbing atcha for ages. Don't worry, pizza nerds, it's in good hands.

As you know, Maggie Hoffman has been editing Slice since October 2010. I want to thank Maggie for the great job she's done in getting Slice running on a tight schedule so that there's plenty of crusty, saucy, cheesy stuff to read from day to day.

Maggie, though, who is also our Drinks editor, will be handing over those duties to incoming Slice editor Meredith Smith. Meredith will be editing posts and directing Slice editorial coverage on May 16. Expect to get to know her better in an upcoming Pizza Obsessives interview.

Meredith will continue Maggie's push toward a well-(olive)oiled machine, and, like everyone who has been involved with Slice, Meredith really "gets" pizza. Her posts from the Boston area are a testament to that, so I know I leave this place in capable hands. Please give her a warm, cheesy welcome when she comes on board!***

So with all that said, folks, it's been a wild ride.

Hasta la pizza*** and see you next week!


* Of course you are! Who reads the internet standing up?

** The powers that be are pushing for a cheeseburger pizza mashup to celebrate National Hamburger Month.

*** Don't get any ideas. That's still MY catchphrase, suckas.

**** And if you don't well, I can't ban you anymore, but I can call you a mean, nasty person in the Comments.