Video: Making Corn Tortillas in Mexico

[Photographs and Video: Jessica Leibowitz]

Ah, corn tortillas. Without you, so many tacos would fall apart. Ever made your own? I haven't, but started thinking about it more while in Mexico earlier this year, witnessing the tortilla rolling process front and center. Spoiler alert: it's strikingly similar to rolling out pizza dough.

The first and most picturesque tortilla-making technique: handmade, as seen atop a coffee sanctuary in Veracruz. This one reminded me of Mark Bello's DJ Method for rolling out pizza dough. The second: semi-handmade, using a machine to roll the tortillas at El Califa, a great sidewalk spot to enjoy tacos al pastor in Mexico City. I like how no scraps go to waste.


What to do in the warm post-tortilla afterglow? Assemble tacos, of course.

Much thanks to the Kahlúa crew for giving me the opportunity to indulge my corn tortilla fantasies. In between Introduction to Kahlúa classes.